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Free Crisis Counselor Empathetic, caring, trauma-informed counselors respond to your text message and provide support, as well as resources for additional support. Adult survivors of incest support. Click here.

For Trauma Recovery

Helpful Reads

Article, Topic: brain regrowth. The adult brain CAN grow and change! It’s called neuroplasticity. click here

Article, Topic: Radical Acceptance. HOW to get from depressed, sad, anxious, victimized to self-accepting. It all starts with radical acceptance. At least it did for Jamie. Click here.

Article, Topic: Boundaries. “Why Forgiveness and Boundaries Go Hand-in-Hand” click here

Article, Topic: Healing after ongoing sexual abuse. “The Four Stages of Recovery From Sex Trafficking” click here

Article, Topic: intrusive thoughts. Click here.

Article, Topic: internalized gaslighting. Click here.

Article, Topic: hell is made up. Judaism’s Concept of Sin: straying from the target/path click here

Article, Topic: Autism and PTSD. Click here.

Article, Topic: sin is made up. Judaism’s Rejection of Original Sin click here

Article , Topic: we are who we are – and that’s not good or bad. Man’s Inclination toward evil (yetzer hara) click here

Article, Topic: recovering from extremism. Religious Abuse Syndrome click here

Article, Topic healing from sexual abuse. 7 Steps for Healing the Scars of Sexual Abuse/ Incest click here.

Article, Topic: life is beyond my control, and I can be okay with that. Radical Acceptance (DBT, distress tolerance) click here.

Website, Topic: healing from sexual abuse. these forums and articles on all types of incest and sexual abuse are an asset to survivors across the sexual assault gamut.

Article, Topic: muscle movement heals our bodies and shifts a person from flight/fight/fawn/freeze into challenge-response. Click here.

Article, Topic: PTSD and Autism overlap. Click here.

You Tube Videos – Mental Health/Trauma

“How stored trauma creates somatic symptoms (aka: chronic illness)” Irene Lyon click here

“Disgust. The gateway emotion for healing toxic shame” Irene Lyon click here

“Guided Mindfulness Meditation on Self-Love and Self-Worth” click here

“The 5 stages of neuroplastic healing” Irene Lyon click here

“Sexual abuse and rape can be the making, not the breaking of you | Lydia Ward | TEDxLeamingtonSpa” click here

“The Freeze Response and Sexual Assault- How to turn it off- PTSD and Trauma Recovery #2” Therapy In A Nutshell click here

“Christine Courtois – Incest as Complex Trauma” Incest as a social-political issue (it’s prevalent and hidden, children need our help as a society to protect them), not just a mental health issue. Click here.

YouTube – Worship Breakthrough Healing Songs

A favorite worship playlist click here

Tasha Cobbs Leonard “Gracefully Broken” click here

UPPERROOM “Surrounded (Fight My Battles)” click here

Elevation Worship “See A Victory” click here

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