TW*Let’s Chat on Suicidal Ideations

Triger warning: suicide attempt discussion. Hi guys. So it seems like everything on my blog comes with a trigger warning. 🙈 I am currently working through some really deep inner work and this blog and my podcast were birthed out of my abuse recovery. The topics that create trigger warnings (my current inner work) revolveContinue reading “TW*Let’s Chat on Suicidal Ideations”

Parenting with Trauma & Sensory Sensitivities

Ugly crying and numbness mix with regret. “Why don’t you leave us then?” Self-judgement. Self-preservation. I just stare at the child who looked me in the eye, and asked me, “Why don’t you leave us then?” I’m silent. I can’t apologize any more – they are tired of hearing it and I’m tired of sayingContinue reading “Parenting with Trauma & Sensory Sensitivities”

The One Year Anniversary of 11/05/20

by Jamie Wilson Numb. An aching in my head. Tightness in my chest. My face collapses into my hands, I sit limp on the edge of my bed. The day has arrived. 30 days, 90 days, 6 months, 9 months – and now one year. My back hangs heavy over the front of my body,Continue reading “The One Year Anniversary of 11/05/20”