Hard Things – Can I Handle This?

Spoiler alert: yes, I can! Here’s the proof:  you’ve already survived 100% of your bad days.  You’ve already done so many things that felt impossible or forced upon you.  Nobody panic! (Me internally panicking.) New people, new tasks, old realities, old coping skills, new coping skills, responsibilities, goals, fears and hopes. Just another day ofContinue reading “Hard Things – Can I Handle This?”

Everything’s Not Lost

“…if you ever feel neglectedand if you think that all is lost…” – Coldplay I love this song. When I feel neglected, it boils down to neglecting myself.When I feel light, it comes from a place of self-love.How is my internal dialogue going? 👍👎Because my interactions with the outside world will be filtered through myContinue reading “Everything’s Not Lost”

Trigger Warning***What PTSD Looks Like For Me

Hello, welcome friends. I hope you’re day is productive and peaceful. Sometimes we have days that are not peaceful, though. Life lessons, growth opportunities (bleck) and just blah days are a normal part of life. Sometimes something can just be off, but can’t quite put your finger on it; that’s life. C’est la vie. OnContinue reading “Trigger Warning***What PTSD Looks Like For Me”

Why People Don’t Change (But I Am)

Can people change? Especially, can adult humans change? Yes! The adult brain CAN grow and change and repair itself, yay! So why are there so many hurting people, not growing? Simply put, growing requires letting go, and many people are uncomfortable doing that. Letting go – shedding layers of protection leaves too many feeling tooContinue reading “Why People Don’t Change (But I Am)”

Trigger Warning***S.O.S.

Sad. Overwhelmed. Shot. I am failing so hard today. But I’m failing forward. And what am I really failing at? I’m failing on my face, crying, asking for a break today. Saying that I’m failing to carry all of these burdens. And I don’t even want to ask God for help because I’m so madContinue reading “Trigger Warning***S.O.S.”

Trigger Warning***Breakdown or Breakthrough – Day 90

Today is day 90 since my Big Reveal. If you’re new to my blog, my Big Reveal is the life-altering flashback that put my life onto the path of healing. I’ve been chronicling my mental health rebound since then on this blog, in my books, on social media – everywhere people can see – becauseContinue reading “Trigger Warning***Breakdown or Breakthrough – Day 90”

Trigger Warning***I’m Fine…

My word for 2020: surrender. And I said, “Ok, God.” But I forgot to buckle up. Because I was doing fine. So I went with it. Surrender started deepening my roots a little bit here, a little bit there; before you know it I’m pretty in tune with God; it’s working for me! I guessContinue reading “Trigger Warning***I’m Fine…”

Triggered – It’s Karen Time!

Triggered. The word makes me think of internet trolls and emotionally volatile “Karens.” (Sorry if your name is Karen.) I think of public outburts and dramatic fits of rage. We can easily lose the point of the word in the absurdity of the behaviors of Karens. The point of the word “trigger” is in theContinue reading “Triggered – It’s Karen Time!”

Welcome To Possible, I’m Jamie

Revised 8/22/21 “I’m Fine” For many years my daily life was me hiding behind, “I’m doing fine, thank you.” I gave it my best, but somehow it always felt like a ton of bricks was dragging behind me. My mind was in a cloud I couldn’t shake, and I was disconnected from myself and others.Continue reading “Welcome To Possible, I’m Jamie”