Why People Don’t Change (But I Am)

Can people change? Especially, can adult humans change?

Yes! The adult brain CAN grow and change and repair itself, yay!

So why are there so many hurting people, not growing?

Simply put, growing requires letting go, and many people are uncomfortable doing that. Letting go – shedding layers of protection leaves too many feeling too much. But to grow, we have to let go of old habits, behaviors and ways of thinking. We have to let go of our survival stories, the versions of our own realities we tell ourselves to survive whatever we have no control over.

Letting go demands that Hidden Things must be named and released. There may be hidden pain stuffed so deeply within a person but on the surface, it barely ripples one’s life…as long as all remains status quo. “Status quo” may be demanding extraordinary effort, who has energy for change? People are often already putting in an unfathomable effort just to survive. And that’s valid.


But I promise that you are up to the task of growth. Should you imagine it possible, there is a place of light beyond status quo.

Here we are now, today. Feeling the complexities of life while once we ran from them; allowing all feelings space to come and go without fixating on them. We feel it all here in the light.

We must allow others to be whomever they are comfortable being. The only path for me to walk is the path of Jamie Lynn.

Each of us will knowingly or unknowingly choose awareness or not. Both are fine. It’s your life, you can make it anything.

I am creating my life.

I can choose.

I am choosing.

I chose joy.

I choose peace.

Until next time,


Published by Surthrivor

Surthrivor: a survivor who takes control of their own recovery.

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